What if….

That day was the beginning of something beautiful and unruly.

A dream brought us to this place. The  courage of my approach has resulted in these moments that I want to linger longer in with you. The words you speak mean something more to me than what you’re saying and my soul wants to believe that what is there is true.

You have broken my heart wide open and there’s nothing I can do.

So I shine my light and know that you can see me while I send all my love to you.

The In Between

There’s something about the moments before the rising and the setting of the sun.  In the wake of a world filled with both light and dark, I find a sense of peace.

While dawn breaks, there’s solace, the cold night over, shadows are receding.  Those brief moments filled with hope and endless potential.  As the day unfolds the distractions and interruptions, the bustling and dizziness invades the quiet world I’ve imagined exists in the in between.

As night falls, sky painters send their color and light dancing across the clouds. Stars reveal themselves in spark and shimmer and my mind sees endless possibilities in the shadows on the horizon.  The cold is comforting in its clarity before the unknown of dreams and darkness.   The light keeps me longing for the moments of the in between.