Missed Approach

You’re locked in on the target and begin a slow descent.

Hovering, wafting, tilt to one side then the next. It’s actually quite a peaceful engagement.

You can see what lies beneath you and you know where you’ve been.

The landing is inevitable- until – you pull up – let go of hope – turn and try again.

You circle – this time determined – the path is clear – you’re free to land – you’re free to live – you’re free to love.

You’re finally home.

Traveling without you

In my dreams, you and I fly first class to a tropical destination with turquoise water, white beaches, crystal skies and palm trees.

I get the window, you get the aisle.

We share observations from the flight; the temperature, the turbulence, the smells.

We read separate books and visit worlds unique to eachothers’ and our own.

Every once in a while, I lean into you, you stroke my hand, or we just look at each other and feel thankful for the magic that brought our journeys to the place that led to this love.

I am safe with you.

I bury myself in you and you protect me….from the stares, the words, the blows, the memories and sometimes, you can keep me from the thoughts of doubt and despair.

With you I am home, no matter where we are.

And then I realize, you aren’t there next to me and I’m alone, dreaming of you.